Increase Patient Engagement

Take advantage of the newly acquired patients to grow your medical practice.

Your Best Interest

We are committed to keeping the best interest of your business as the primary focus.

Boost Growth and Revenues

Take your business to new heights through our effective strategies for your custom campaign.

Acquire New Patients and Increase Practice Revenue

Medical Marketing for Medical Professionals

What is medical marketing worth to your business? DiCove works with healthcare practices by helping them generate more leads, more patients, and more profit. Marketing must make financial sense. What makes us different is that we’re focused on your return on investment (ROI). Marketing of medical services puts you on the map for patients who are looking medical services, but are unaware of your services. Regardless of the field of medicine you belong to – letting people know about your medical expertise and practice can make a whole lot of difference to your business.

As a company, we have dedicated ourselves to providing internet marketing services for various medical professionals; from chiropractors who target injury patients to dermatologists who target those who want better skin. Veterinarians targeting devoted pet lovers to plastic surgeons who offer cosmetic procedures. We formulate effective acquisition plans specific to their business to begin the process of getting the types of patients and clients they want. Read more to find out about our 3-step concept.

Find Target Audience

Market to preferred consumers for your practice

Determine the appropriate type of patients that are actively seeking dermatology services. We achieve this through:

  • Marketing Research
  • Competitive Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research

Engage Audience

Connect with potential patients to increase conversions

Implement effective marketing strategies based on the target audience to engage potential patients. Implement effective marketing strategies based on the target audience to engage potential patients. Consisting of:

  • Qualified Acquisition Process
  • Quality Control and Monthly Monitoring
  • Request Specific Lead Qualifiers

Acquire New Patients

Increase revenue and profits. Rinse and repeat

Boost consultations and registrations through marketing outreach and increase ROI. Boost consultations and registrations through marketing outreach and increase ROI.

  • Increase ROI
  • Preferable Target Audience
  • Accessible Reporting & Monitoring