How Do We Compare?

You’ve heard it all before. This is why we’re different…we combine our effective services with the motive of genuinely wanting you to live your best life by earning more money and improving your work-life balance. We want to provide you with valuable patients, transparency, and trust.

As a trusted agency, don’t believe in selling dreams or pies in the sky. This is how we measure up to other marketing agencies that you might have come into contact with.

We encourage you to do your own research. 🙂

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Service Value & Pricing

What's in a price? Everything. We don't blindly price our services. Through industry research, and with your needs in mind, we price our services to ensure we are reasonable and beneficial to you.

Features DiCove Agencies*
Money-back Guarantee
Most agencies don't offer money-back.
No contract, cancel anytime
Most agencies tie you into a contract whether you benefit or not.
$1 to start
No expensive setup fee before using the service.
Dedicated account manager
Advanced reporting
Patient appointment booking
Most agencies don't help with setting appointments.
Free sales funnel implementation
This is usually a separate paid service.
Free phone tracking
This is usually a separate paid service.
Free heat-map user tracking
This is usually a separate paid service.
Free service perks
This is usually a separate paid service.
* This refers to most agencies, not all agencies.

Return On Investment

A primary feature of our major services is that they are based on ROI. If you are not making a profit by the use of the service then it's neither beneficial to you as our client or to us as the company. We structure our service and expectations to give you at least a solid return on your investment.

Features DiCove Agencies*
ROI 30%+ or Money-back
Most agencies focus on your return on investment.
See results in 1 month (2 months latest)
Most agencies take 6-12 months to see results.
Business profit analysis
Most agencies don't care whether you profit or not.
* This refers to most agencies, not all agencies.

Agency Integrity

Dishonesty and empty promises are saturating the marketing industry and that can make you skeptical of the benefits and expectations from using the service. With that in mind, we pride ourselves in being a company of integrity, honesty, and transparency to build a lasting relationship with you as a client.

Features DiCove Agencies*
Frequent updates (calls, emails)
Transparent strategies
You won't have to guess what services are being used.
Realistic expectations
We don't believe in smoke-and-mirrors or false expectations.
Focused on increasing doctor salary
Focused on doctor work-life balance
Work closely with your staff
We work with your staff every step of the way.
* This refers to most agencies, not all agencies.

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