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Qualify & Direct Preferred Patients

The medical patient funnel, which is sometimes referred to as a revenue funnel or sales funnel, is a series of steps that navigate the patient or client through the buying process. Modifications to the patient funnel are dependant on the business type. However, each model is specifically designed to gather patients and lead them to your business.

Never get weighed down with complicated industry terms or phrases that you do not understand. Ultimately, medical marketing can find undiscovered patients and led them directly to you. Secure new avenues of cash flow in places that you have not expected. With our proven marketing service, you can earn the salary you deserve.

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Patient Funnel Service Details

medical marketing audience engagement
medical marketing audience engagement

Direct Consumer Traffic

Drive traffic to a dedicated patient page

You may know that benefits of having an informative website for your medical practice, but it’s also imperative to drive generated web traffic to a directed funnel page that will effectively inform your patients and facilitate the appointment setting process.

Patient funneling techniques are used to build awareness and gather customers. This process guides the consumer through every aspect of the acquisition process. Using practice methods we discover preferred patients in places you may have forgotten to look.

  • Search Engine Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic
  • Paid Advertising Traffic
medical patient target audience

Qualify Potential Patients

Get the preferred patients through screening

When people actually visit your dedicated funnel page, you need to be able to capitalize on that visit by providing them with vital information that they need to make a decision of visiting your medical practice, which will ensure that you are attracting qualified patients to your practice.

Preliminary screenings will expedite booking processes by pre-qualifying patients before they even reach your medical practice. This will cut down on time and increase efficiency. Utilize new methods that will lessen the burden on your practice and lead to new money-making opportunities.

  • Targeted Information
  • Proper Patient Screening
  • Preferred Patients
medical patient target audience
medical patient acquisition registration
medical patient acquisition registration

Facilitate New Patient Appointments

Increase patient appointments to your practice

Through the qualified traffic of your screened patients, your funnel page will assist with booking the appointment for a patient to visit your medical office. We capture booking information and communicate with your staff to confirm appointments.

We promote conversion through designing traffic capturing pages and ensure booking through working with your staff to schedule appointments.

  • Facilitate Appointment
  • Communicate with medical staff
  • Increase patient appointments
medical marketing for doctors

Patient Retention and Relation Building

Build lasting relationship with your patients

Using patient funneling methods, you can keep the patients we collect. Valued patients need to have strong bonds with their healthcare practice in order to remain loyal. Build strong bonds with patients with reliable and consistent service. We work with your office to capitalize on practical marketing solutions that keep patients happy.

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • On-going patient engagement
  • Improve service quality
medical marketing for doctors

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Your Service Perks & Benefits

Because we value you.

In addition to providing the best medical marketing services we appreciate your business by including free services such as basic social media management and pre-qualifying assessments.


Our reputation and the value we offer are important to us. We stand by a code of ethnics to ensure that best service.

Give Value

Our efforts would be for nothing if we didn't provide you with value, which means giving you more patients.


We believe in keeping you informed with every aspect of our services so that you are never left in the dark with anything.

Money-back Guarantee

We value your business and aim for your satisfaction. Our flagship services come with a full refund no questions asked.


The trust that we have in each other will determine the effectiveness and longevity of our relationship.

ROI Focused

We understand the nature of your medical business, so our services are based on a minimum of 30% ROI.

medical marketing frequently asked questions

Questions You Might Have

How long does it usually take to get results in with this patient acquisition service?

Our acquisition service is designed to produce results within the first month of service. We are transparent with the progress of the different components of the service and work to achieve long-term results for your practice.

Why do I need to do more marketing for my medical practice if I’m already marketing?

All marketing services are not the same. If your current service is not focused on giving you a return on your investment, you can be wasting time and most importantly money. Our service is designed to assess current marketing and implement strategies to give a return on investment as soon as possible.

What is the return on my investment?

Our full patient acquisition service is backed by a 30%+ ROI and money-back guarantee. We understand the nature of the marketing industry and would like to give you the most value possible for this service, which is why we want to give you the peace of mind of knowing that we are working with your best interest in mind.

medical marketing frequently asked questions

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