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Most people search the internet visiting a medical office. Modern times push for innovative marketing ideas that involve internet procedures such as Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertisements. Improve your salary with access to money that has always been at your disposal. Medical SEO doesn’t have to be a labyrinth of confusing industry jargon.

Boosting the traffic to your website will earn you a better life and easier working conditions through consistent patient acquisition. Put simply: Regardless of your business’s age, there are proven medical marketing strategies that will earn your practice more money.

medical seo search engine optimization service

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medical marketing keyword research
medical marketing keyword research

Keyword Research

Find the effective search terms for traffic and improved rankings

Keywords are buzzwords that are commonly associated with your business. These particular phrases alert popular search engines such as Google to the content on your website. Search engines rank your web pages based on the relevancy, so understand what your target marketing is searching for and how they might phrase it online.

  • Marketing Research
  • Competitive Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
competitive research stand out from competition

Competitive Research

Know where you stand with local competitors

Gain the advantage over your opponents through competitor analysis. You can learn from your rivals success and failures but apply only what generates more revenue. Avoid common pitfalls and improve medical marketing ideas that have potential.

Know where you stand in comparison to your competitors and position yourself in favorable rankings.

  • Qualified Acquisition Process
  • Quality Control and Monthly Monitoring
  • Request Specific Lead Qualifiers
competitive research stand out from competition
medical onsite optimization service
medical onsite optimization service

On-site Optimization

Update your website with recommended strategies for better rankings

Your medical website design can be an important factor in patient conversion. Employ strategies such as the visual hierarchy to keep patients on your web pages longer.

When a visitor stays on your website for extended periods this tells you the content on your page is useful/easy to read. Google will reward your hard work.

  • Preferable Target Audience
  • Increase ROI
  • Accessible Reporting & Monitoring
medical website mobile optimization service

Mobile Optimization

Configure your website to give mobile users an optimal experience

Nowadays, the internet can be accessed with anything from a gaming system to a refrigerator. Mobile device website views account for about 50% of website traffic. Be sure that your website makes aesthetic sense regardless of where it is viewed.

Optimize your patient’s experience with versions of your website that customized to work with smartphones.

  • Qualified Acquisition Process
  • Quality Control and Monthly Monitoring
  • Request Specific Lead Qualifiers
medical website mobile optimization service
medical marketing reporting and tracking
medical marketing reporting and tracking

Accurate & Easy-to-understand Reporting

See your results via comprehensive reporting and performance tracking.

Through organizational services, we will accurately track results and produce reports that are easy to understand. Expect a thorough explanation of our findings and a walkthrough of how we discovered them.

When you understand how the process works and the benefits medical marketing reaps then you can appreciate the value of these unique services.

  • Phone Tracking
  • Lead Submissions
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Website Traffic

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Because we value you.

If you rely on expert marketing solutions you can release the hassle of aimlessly searching for patients. We are more than just another marketing agency. As an added benefit we include freemium perks with our services.


Our reputation and the value we offer are important to us. We stand by a code of ethnics to ensure that best service.

Give Value

Our efforts would be for nothing if we didn't provide you with value, which means giving you more patients.


We believe in keeping you informed with every aspect of our services so that you are never left in the dark with anything.

Money-back Guarantee

We value your business and aim for your satisfaction. Our flagship services come with a full refund no questions asked.


The trust that we have in each other will determine the effectiveness and longevity of our relationship.

ROI Focused

We understand the nature of your medical business, so our services are based on a minimum of 30% ROI.

medical marketing frequently asked questions

Questions You Might Have

Can I expect overtime results with this service?

There are no SEO agencies that can guarantee page# 1 Google rankings nowadays. We like to manage your expectations to give you a clear understanding of how soon you should see viable ranking results, which is 1-3 months.

How long do I have to do SEO in order to be successful?

SEO should be optimized and maintained over time to keep and improve organic rankings. Search engines are always changing the rules to determining how websites are ranked. You want to make sure that your website up-to-date to be compliant search engine recommendations so that your rankings and recent gains are not lost over time.

Does having many keywords on my website help with search engine rankings?

Unfortunately, that’s that is not how search engine optimization works. Stuffing keywords into your website can actually hurt your organic rankings because it would appear as black-hat (bad) technique by search engines, which will negatively affect your website.

How much does this service cost?

Please view the pricing page for the full details on the cost of this service.

medical marketing frequently asked questions

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