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Internet marketing can bring more customers to your business. Even if you don’t know anything about viral marketing — getting started is easy. Pay Per Click advertisements have become a popular marketing trend in the recent years. Represented by the acronym “PPC” this advertising tool is used to direct traffic to your website.

You may not know anything about online marketing and terms such as SEO, or SEM can be very confusing. Plainly, digital marketing can earn your business more money. We will find you customers, pre-qualify them, and help you set appointments. PPC will earn you more money.

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keyword research
keyword research

Paid Advertising Keyword Research

Identify optimal keywords for search engine advertising

Keyword phrases are the breadcrumbs that lead your customers to Google and to your website. Research which keywords your target market uses frequently and apply them to your business’ advertisements. These commonly used terms will increase your click-through rate and lead customers directly to you.

  • Marketing Research
  • Competitive Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
digital marketing account management service

Account Management & Budgeting

Properly advertise paid ads and optimize for more earnings

Pay Per Click advertisements are popular among many digital marketing services because they offer a clear return on investment. You only pay when your ad is clicked. This allows us to appropriately allocate funds towards budgets and record which advertisements have the most value to your business.

  • Qualified Acquisition Process
  • Quality Control and Monthly Monitoring
  • Request Specific Lead Qualifiers
digital marketing account management service
digital marketing reporting and tracking
digital marketing reporting and tracking

PPC Reporting & Tracking

Monitor paid ads performance and earning reporting

You need to understand the value of the services you purchased. Internet marketing can be confusing so we make it clear through detailed reports and accurate summaries. Understand how our services can earn you more money and improve your personal life.

  • Preferable Target Audience
  • Increase ROI
  • Accessible Reporting & Monitoring

Questions You Might Have

Will PPC solve all of my current sales issues?

PPC is typically used to complement marketing services and will not solve all of your sales issues. When used properly, PPC is a highly effective tool to jump-start exposure and sales.

How does PPC affect my organic search rankings?

PPC can improve your overall traffic and sales but does not serve as ranking factor for search engine performance. There is not a direct correlation between PPC and organic rankings.

Does having more keywords increase my PPC conversions?

No, having more keywords does not always equate to more conversions and sales. Factors such as competition, cost-per-click, time of year (season) and marketing budget will determine the overall performance of your PPC campaign.

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